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Welcome to the oca SVG explorer!

The oca project is an SVG explorer for the original openclipart project. Since has been down for over 6 months, I thought I'd give it a shot. Visit the tags page for a list of about 100 tags used at least 50 times from the collection of over 8000 cliparts. Hint: If you want every tag used at least once, see the tags page with n=1 but don't tell anyone! Warning: that's more than 1000 tags. From the tags page, you can browse all cliparts with a given tag. For instance, here are the cliparts tagged with "work". Finally, you'll reach a clipart page, such as the one for scissors by Jon Phillips.

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Although has been down for over 6 months, you can still find the original collection of 8000 cliparts dating back to 2005 at various sources. The project is currently using SVGs found in the openclipart 0.18 package. I'm pointing to Debian Jessie, but later versions are identical.

All SVGs are in the public domain.

Source code

The oca source code can be found on GitHub and is licensed AGPLv3 by Robin Millette. It's written in JavaScript using React on both the client and server sides with the help of Next.js.

The source code is AGPLv3.

Find more details on the credits page.